• How can plastic cards be obtained?

    One can obtain a plastic card of one’s very own by applying to the Bank and closing a relevant agreement with it.

  • What functionality does a plastic card have?

    A plastic card offers the following:
    • withdrawal of cash anywhere;
    • the “Credit Payments Online” operation allowing you to settle credit debts at an ATM and online;
    • non-cash settlements at vendors’ and service outlets as well as on the Internet;
    • payment of utility (electric power, gas, water, etc.) fees;
    • e-banking services: mobile (Bakcell, Azercell and NarMobile) and fixed-line (Azeurotel and Aztelecom) telephony, ISP (Connect, Aktiv ol, Sazz, Avirtel, Elcell, Azeronline, Alfanet and Azeurotel), television (Connect, Azevrotel, BBTV) and insurance (the International Insurance Company);
    • payment of taxes and customs service fees;
    • The “Card to Card” operation: money transferred from one card to another;
    • The SMS information service: the information about every completed card transaction is texted to your mobile device;
    • The “Cash by Code” operation: cash money transferred using an ATM from a card account to someone who hasn’t got a plastic card; any amount and any currency supported;
    • Currency exchange.

  • How can one get cash money using a plastic card?

    One can get cash using one’s plastic card at an ATM or using a POS-terminal.

  • At what rate is an FX operation done on a plastic card?

    When the operation is carried out in a currency other than that of your plastic card, the exchange rate is set as the rate defined by the Central Bank + 0.5% (the FX service fee).

  • How can one put money in a card account?

    You can put money in the card account in cash as well as cashless: via banking accounts or using the “card to card” facility.

  • Can one use a plastic card nominated in the national currency abroad?

    The cards bearing the logos of the international card systems support transactions at any ATM working with the cards of the given type, be it in the country or abroad and regardless of the currency in which the cards were issued.

  • How are plastic card operations carried out at a vendor’s or a service outlet registered?

    Once your operation is complete, the POS-terminal will print out a slip in two counterparts. The card owner confirms the operation signing both. You may not have to sign the slip if the PIN-code is entered.

  • How does one get a card account balance update?

    You can get this information from the branches and outlets of the Bank as well as by calling our contact phones, at our ATMs and by using the SMS Information service.

  • What service fee is charged for payments done via POS-terminals?

    No service fee is charged when you pay for goods, jobs and services at retail vendors’ and service outlets using your plastic card(s) and a POS-terminal. The FX cost should be taken into account, however, if you pay in a currency different from that of your plastic card.