“Bank Eurasia” OJSC operates in accordance with the Banking Licence No 251 awarded by the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic on 28 November 2007.  At present, there are 2 branches – the “Sumgayit” Branch (License 251/1 of April,  2009) and the “Buta” Branch (License 251/2 of June 08, 2016)

The Vision ofBank Eurasia” OJSC is that of it becoming a leading universal bank providing small and medium businesses as well as the community sections with the high and medium incomes; this vision is achievable by means of the sales outlets situated in the provincial administration towns of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The Mission of Bank Eurasia” OJSC consists in the provision of a broad range of banking services bundled into packages beneficial to every customer as well as in supporting and promoting the social progress through the finance of social projects. We can achieve such goals and fulfil the mission that they constitute thanks to the Bank’s highly-motivated team that never stop advancing and developing.

Our Corporate Values

The Bank has its business philosophy rested on the following essential corporate values:

  • Integrity;
  • The focus on the customer;
  • Innovativeness;
  • Discipline;
  • Team work;
  • Respect for the stakeholders.


The Mission Declaration

  1. Concerning the Employee

The Management of the Bank will continue keeping the personnel in the focus, making special investments in them and improving distribution of authorities and roles from top to bottom to allow them to fulfil their potentials unceasingly in the next strategic period, too. The Management will also go on using the result-oriented incentive systems.

  1. Concerning the Customer

Beginning in this strategic period, the Bank will be developing innovative service packages for each customer category and will provide every customer with bespoke and competitive services.

  1. Concerning the Society

Being fully conscious of its corporate social responsibility, the Bank will take an active part in the social life and support social projects aiming to promote the national values and enhance the public awareness of financial services. Those steps will not only help the society’s progress along but will also win broader recognition for the Bank that might be not so widely-known in the market at the time at which this strategic plan is written – and will strengthen its image.


The systems and organisations of which “Bank Eurasia” OJSC is a member:

  • Azəricard
  • Deposits Insurance Fund (December, 2007);
  • XÖHKS – Calculation Clearing System on Small Payments (January, 2008);
  • National Entrepreneurship Support Fund (February, 2008);
  • Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (June, 2008);
  • SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (June, 2008);
  • AZIPS – Interbank Real Time Clearing System (July, 2008);
  • “MasterCard International” Payment System (August, 2008);
  • Azerbaijan Banks Association (February, 2009);
  • Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund (May, 2009);
  • Bankers Almanac (may, 2009);
  • ARPA – Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association (January, 2010);
  • “Visa International” Payment System (September, 2013).