The business loans represent a powerful means capable of giving any business a good boost. “Bank Eurasia” OJSC offers business loans to organisations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in various areas and industries in order for them to meet their possible business needs or towards the costs of implementing various projects.


The preliminary documents required together with the loan application:

  • loan questionnaire to the loan application – a legal entity;
  • the Charter (notarised);
  • the extract from the State Register of Commercial Legal Entities (notarised);
  • financial papers (the balance account, the profit and loss account, the cash flow account and tax declarations);
  • information about the balance(s) and turnovers in the accounts with other banks (a statement);
  • the decision by the appropriate authority to borrow a loan (a copy verified as true to the original);
  • the copy of the ID of the Borrower (manager/entrepreneur);
  • the decision to appoint the authorised signatory of the legal entity to the position specified (a copy verified as true to the original);
  • such collateral documents as the credit specialist may require.
  • authority person to sign on behalf of juridical person (affirmed copy and original);
  • some additional documents demanded by a credit specialist.


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