Bank Eurasia” OJSC offers the owners of its plastic cards the new service that is called “PIN Change” and is meant to ensure their comfort. A customer using the “PIN Change” can replace their plastic card’s PIN-code with any other 4-digit code that they find it easier to memorise.

Any owner of a plastic card from “Bank Eurasia” OJSC wishing to benefit from the “PIN Change” should please take the steps described below:

  • insert the card to ATM;
  • choose the language;
  • dial the PIN-code;
  • choose “payments”;
  • choose “services”;
  • select “PIN-Change”;
  • enter a new 4-digits number, push “ENTER” button;
  • then enter the new 4-digits number again, push “ENTER” button.


Fee for this service is 2 AZN.