Our Bank is as close to you as your phone is! Now, our customer can manage their accounts from their mobile device thanks to the new service “MobilBank”. With the “MobilBank”, you can make many operations online at any time and from any mobile communication provider’s phone number without actually having to call at the Bank:

  • Get account statements;
  • Get card balance updates;
  • Pay utility fees;
  • Pay ISP fees;
  • Carry out the Card-to-Card transactions;
  • Have your card blocked if stolen or lost.


It is very easy to become connected to the MobilBank system. All you have to do is download the special MIDlet to your phone and have the registration codes printed out by the ATM. Then, enter your banking card in the ATM and select “MobilBank Registration” in the “Services” menu. The ATM will print out the serial number and a slip with the appropriate codes printed on it. To cap it, you will please download and install the special app for mobile phones that runs under iOS, Android, Java or BlackBerry.

 “Mobile Bank” for Java:

“Mobile Bank” for BlackBerry(bis):

“Mobile Bank” for iOS (link in the App Store):


“Mobile Bank” for Android (link in the Play Market):



Detailed information about “Mobile Bank” service

There is no “MobilBank” service fee payable.