From now on, the owners of the MasterCard cards from “Bank Eurasia” OJSC can safeguard their online transactions and greatly reduce the risk of losing funds. Online payments will be safe with the 3D Secure system that conforms to the latest relevant standards.

3D Secure is an advanced technology that protects you from frauds and keeps your online payments safe. This modern facility is rested on customer authentication using a dedicated 3D password that only belongs to the customer but is not indicated on their card. When a customer pays for goods or a service at the websites that support the 3D Secure system, the customer is transferred to the AzeriCard website where they are to enter their 3D password. A payment is only made after the password has been accepted.

In order to get a 3D password, the customer should select the section “Internet Banking and the List of Single-Use 3D Secure Passwords” in the ATM’s menu, have the slip with the single-use passwords printed out and become registered at With a 3D Secure-protected card, no-one but its owner can make an online payment and nobody else will ever be able to.

Detail instruction for “3D Secure” technology